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Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

The interior design of a home is one of the ways that homeowners can express themselves and put a piece of their personality in their layout. There are many aspects of interior design ranging from flooring and furniture to lighting and accents. Another aspect of...

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What is in Paint?

Here’s something you may have never thought about: what exactly is paint made of and how exactly does it work? It may seem like the painting process solely consists of splatting paint all over your walls and waiting for it to dry, but if you were to take a super-close...

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Choosing the right kind of paint

All paints are not created equal.  It’s very likely that if you’ve visited a friend’s house and loved how her interior looked, she didn’t find the cheapest paint available and then struggle to apply it.  Cheap paints tend to be thinner, and although you may think...

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