The interior design of a home is one of the ways that homeowners can express themselves and put a piece of their personality in their layout. There are many aspects of interior design ranging from flooring and furniture to lighting and accents. Another aspect of interior design is the wallpaper. Often wallpaper blends into the background because there is a lot of focus on the furniture in the room. But wallpaper can actually set the tone for a room.
The covering that you choose for the wall can contribute to making a room larger and brighter. Before wallpaper was considered tacky, but now with the seemingly endless designs to choose from, it can make a room appear tasteful. There are a variety of options to choose from and that can be overwhelming.
Here are several things to consider when choosing the perfect wallpaper for your home.


Each room gives off its own distinct style, whether it’s trendy and modern, romantic or casual. It’s best to match the style of the wallpaper to the furniture; you don’t want to have a mismatch of themes in one room. You want to decide the style of the room before deciding on the wallpaper. This will narrow down your options and make it easier to choose.

Trendy and Modern: this usually consists of bold patterns with clean straight lines. Some of these designs can feature metallic accents to add a futuristic look. The trend today seems to be the bigger, the better. Large scale designs and florals are making a statement today.

Romantic: this will be a design that is more muted and softer in color. The designs would be fine and delicate florals or damasks to add a whimsical expression to the room.

Casual: this is the common choice for creating an “at home” feel. Some popular options that line up with the casual theme is stucco wallpaper or bead board wallpaper. Both are devoid of any major patterns and this makes it easier to design a room around the wallpaper. It provides more flexibility and depending on the colors chosen, can make a room feel open and airy.


There are a variety of ways to experiment with wallpaper. One of these ways is how it can be placed.

All four walls: this is usually a sought out option as it is the more practical one. Covering all four walls with a clean cut, simply designed wallpaper will give the room a fresh look.

One wall only: this is typically known as the accent wall. Cover one wall only with an eye popping design of colors and/or metallic outlines can add a trendy twist to the room. This is a good technique to highlight a certain area of a room.


How is the lighting in the room that you are planning to decorate? Are there any windows? If there are where are they located? These are all questions a homeowner should ask themselves when choosing wallpaper.

Here are some facts about lighting to consider:

  • Patterns with light colors or have a metallic tinge to them will reflect light around a room (this is good for rooms with minimal lighting).
  • Smooth surface wallpapers (usually one basic colour) is optimal to reflect maximum light (this is good for rooms with minimal to no lighting).
  • Dark wallpaper will absorb light and make the room appear smaller. Unless there are large windows letting in a lot of light, dark wallpaper is not recommended for smaller rooms.

There you have it, by considering these factors when buying wallpaper, you will at least narrow down your options to choose the best wallpaper that best suits your home and your preferences.