If you detest the idea of spending your entire weekend repainting your home, but also kind of hate the idea of paying for someone to come in and do it, there are a few factors that you need to think about.

Hiring an Interior Room Painter Cost

It is difficult to estimate the cost of hiring a professional painter.  This is because the cost usually varies based on the size of the room(s), the condition of your walls, the painter’s experience level, the quality of the paint, and your location.

Realistically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $225.00 to $1,200 per room. Depending on who you hire the paint may or may not be included. Most gallons of paint are priced between $20 and $50 – depending on what brand you are looking at. However, you can spend less for lower quality paint and significantly more for high-end paint.

What are Some Pros to Hiring a Professional?

-Maybe the biggest benefit to hiring a professional painter is that you will end up with a professional appearance. You should also be able to expect a professionally looking job at the end of the day, complete with neat and even with clean lines and edges.
-Hiring a professional painting service can save you a lot of time and physical labor.
-Climbing a ladder in order to reach your high ceilings or bending over to paint baseboards can be incredibly painful and rough on your body, This is especially true if you are susceptible to injuries or have aches and pains on a regular basis.

What are Some Cons to Hiring a Professional?

– Hiring a professional painter can be quite pricey.

Taking the DIY Approach Cost

DIY painting is a pretty inexpensive project to do. The biggest cost you will are likely to run into is the paint itself. Generally, paint sells for anywhere between $20 to $50 per gallon. The cost really varies by the quality that you are looking for.

Primer generally costs about $10 to $40 per gallon, with each gallon covering up to about 200 square feet.

What are Some Pros to Taking the Do-It-Yourself Approach?

– DIY painting is much less expensive than hiring a professional. However, you might still spend a couple hundred dollars on paint and supplies.
-When taking the DIY approach with paint you have complete control of the timeline and the amount of paint used.

What are Some Cons to Taking the Do-It-Yourself Approach?

-Unless you are an expert DIY painter, it will be difficult to match the look of a professional painting service. Odds are unless you are natural, the paint job won’t be as neat and clean.
-Painting your home can be a difficult project that is also quite time-consuming. Because of this, it can be extremely taxing on the body.
– Climbing a ladder to reach high ceilings comes with some amount of risk. While accidents are not that common, they do happen and are something that you ought to be aware of.